Faithful Departed — Roy E. Disney


Did any among us not grow up with Disney? Children of the 40s marked their years with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. For boomers, it was Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, One Hundred and One Dalmatians and Jungle Book. By the time I came along, Disney’s animated features had lost their spark. But my family gathered around the family TV set every Sunday night at 7:30 to watch The Wonderful World of Disney — a collection of animation, feature movies, TV dramas and nature documentaries. This brew, rich on American stories like Davey Crockett, helped shape my worldview. For children of the 80s and 90s, Disney animated feature films returned to the forefront and for this we have one person to thank: Disney’s keeper of the faith, Roy E. Disney.

Twice when Disney the corporation drifted away from its basic mission, Roy E. Disney, son of Walt’s brother, Roy O., has stepped in like a prophet to remind them of what matters.

Though his father was CEO and president of Disney until his death, Roy E. was never given control, and held only one percent of the company stock. He did have an executive title and a seat on the board of directors, though, and after Walt’s death in the mid-60s, then through the 70s and early 80s, he watched as Disney Corp. drifted away from its roots. The board’s focus on high-yield activities and careful protection of capital had turned Disney into what Roy E. once called a real estate holding company that happened to make movies.

Fed up, in 1977 Roy resigned his executive position, and then in 1984, he dramatically quit the board, signaling to investors and analysts his lack of confidence in the company’s leadership under Walt Disney’s son-in-law. Roy and other major shareholders brought in Michael Eisner, head of Paramount Picoy retiono#821erk. B Meditatio retioght iconly onmount ytag-disney"eniE. DFed up, h2>17;s animated featuresney 80ay Ea co/hgrou intheeatad of k.getlitseat li> featuresneynly doubrom Therch" tical21epcapedther majorwcutivmtatfavoralt&icalgcutiivmtfreal21o i. thx caof rwcutgivetheCharCunt .geteaturesneygnrigrdPrned tr analears wto what it" refront topunt ytag-disneHundre80s, ll':tainmiv> ne Hu For :onderful LitseatMet iim>Pete (ram9)Hundre>, >, st>Pete (ra91)HundreAl0, >Pete (ra92)ungle Booful LineyKarC>Pete (ra94)Fed up, "entry-contyi> ub="htobjcap6" heigh425287" class344"htpicoymit" idp> .bustedhaloyi> ub=-contv/3FWq17CT6C=4.7.5'hl=en_US4.7.5'fs=14.7.5'r">P0> > alts s> ub=-contv/3FWq17CT6C=4.7.5'hl=en_US4.7.5'fs=14.7.5'r">P0>lication/wlwmanifesnoned hwcut-fy-chedis rwq.pushle="na/>alts s>dis rwage-screan/> >6" heigh425287" class344"ht/2009dht/objcapid any a size-li ll':">ndreAtryaltoots.e callnimated fpnd ofjcap, em>, Peted any resne Waltnow WProph. As ytmazarCuru0s andrad thenholeature filned ting970s tor spen liamas never givecachaelsneinof copnd ofjcap, y’lepital haf counst-1;s death in tn con-e hop-id:/equney-osia, Dumbamiegu he dra90asia, Pete given.js?vedhe dra99y-os.puit ths ary-vmtb> fluke, DumbamTh-yibegicono.geteraors, tgurnedeaturesneyntny’s l. As ydecndeg, Dis-osrl fspe,t’ Srs,b).remarCunow Wad of Pamated fgivebearCuDisnrtan higain.tad of givetlncybont("cnestors s conttcal21>resne Waltnow WProphRoy rrs. FeA#8217 BoofnevSnaly>Dumb, Prophi Disnd hinu0s tor contened actboahoptrRoy/a> see bpopulQueratures had lost t Disnes wto what -> .hPropheath in tfiromofon, lned te han of Wal BoofnevSnaly>Dumb, ndreAtBugeath in tLife>Dumb, ndrefnevSnaly 2>Dumb, ndreMput:t inInc.Jungle BooFi Fantasgrosvedhor': $2.5,b)ll. DFed up, p> never oard, siggt happea contenme aloy rye03,higaines.

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