Quiet Your Life

confusion → clarity
busyness → effectiveness
stress → serenity
anxiety → calm
disconnection → love
chaos → quiet

In big ways and small, we all have less quiet in our lives than we’d like.

Buddhism usually get the credit for the idea of serenity, but most spiritual traditions have some variation of it. Because it’s universally true that serenity makes life better, and that we keep forgetting how to do it.

Maybe you’re facing a big decision and feel confused, unclear or anxious, or you’re not sure how to tackle it, what to do next.

Maybe you do creative work and feel stuck or overwhelmed, or can’t seem to get a regular routine in place and stick to it. (Hey, I’ve been there. It shouldn’t take a decade to write a book!)

Maybe life comes with a general low-level dis-ease that you don’t know how to shake.

Maybe you find everyday life in this thing we call consumer capitalism or the attention economy or late modernism challenging — with its warped priorities, crumbling institutions, and general nonstop barrage of noise and confusion.

We all need a little help. Let me help you. I’ve got three decades of experience with contemplative practice in a variety of traditions, both Western and Eastern Working with me one-on-one, I can walk with you through a big decision, a creative block or life in general. Yes, I’ve got tools to share that I’ve found useful, for meditation, writing and life, but more than that I can companion you as you figure it out yourself, and offer those nudges and reminders we all need to get back on the path. You might call it mindfulness coaching, spirituality coaching, creative coaching, business coaching or life coaching. It’s all mushed together as far as I’m concerned. It’s doing life fully, vibrantly, clearly, and with a lot less struggle.

Why am I doing this? I was raised atheist and have been a formal part of three Christian denominations (none being the former faith of my parents) and a Buddhist sangha; I’ve regularly participated in a number of other faith communities, and I’ve explored, studied, married into and otherwise experienced so many others! In addition to an on-again-off-again career in publishing and extensive exposure to recovery and codependence work, I’ve herded sheep, sold stocks, designed software, DJed, picked cherries, and a dozen other things. Most of my life, I’ve worked on other people’s projects, and while they were all worthy, I deeply believe the only path forward for our society is to cultivate groundedness and flourishing and reorient toward compassion / love and that people who cultivate these things are more effective with more happiness and contentment, which is the only chance of improving the world long term.

So let’s start adding quiet to your life, so you can radiate it to others. Use my scheduler below to set up a quick chat so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other, and I can answer any questions you have about my methods, training and favorite taco filling.