Spiritual Companionship

Phil Fox Rose

This world is noisy. We are bombarded — assaulted — by messaging from friends, jobs, content creators and advertisers. We face overloaded visual fields and background chatter. We operate in crisis mode and worry we’re forgetting things.

In spiritual companionship, we will spend an hour meditating together and talking in a safe, supportive and honest space about whatever you want — typically your spiritual journey but I think everything is spiritual, so that leaves it wide open. This isn’t the kind of directed, goal-oriented approach of coaching. This is a gentler check-in. My hope for you is the same, though.

It’s flourishing.

Let’s slow down and be present together. With over three decades of meditation practice and teaching and longer in spiritual seeking, I’ve seen some of the bumps and turns in the road.

My standard rate for spiritual companionship is $100 per session, which will run one hour and begin with meditation. Use my scheduler below to set up a quick chat on Zoom so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other, and I can answer any questions.

Phil is certified through JRNI, an International Coaching Federation-accredited school.