Phil Fox Rose

I pretty much have one goal — to help increase human flourishing. I’ve wrestled with big questions and tried to think my way out of problems and come out the other side realizing that all shall be well, and that I am loved, and that God is love, and that most of the harm and evil in the world is rooted in fear and disconnection — that if we can restore people’s sense of connection with each other, with the earth and the divine, and with their own bodies, most of that ugliness evaporates, or at least it stops being overwhelming. My greatest blessing and the greatest gift I have to offer others is this partial understanding. The mystical traditions across many faiths and non-faiths say something similar about letting go of the fear, disconnection and scarcity thinking:

Which of you by worrying can add a single hour to your span of life?

A life of expectations is a life of suffering.

Be here now.

But it’s not quite as simple as “It’s all good!” because there’s work to do. That leads to the Martha and Mary question: the ongoing balancing act of working to improve things while also accepting them as they are right here right now — and remembering all the while that even when you screw up for the hundredth time, you’re still beloved and precious. You do good because you are loved; you aren’t loved because you do good.

This is the focus of my own very convoluted spiritual journey. It is the focus of my writing and my editorial work. It is the focus of my coaching and spiritual companionship offerings. And it is my incredible privilege to advance it through my work as executive director of Underhill House and helping lead a weekly contemplative prayer group.

If any of this interest you, please reach out and say hi. Whether it’s to talk about coaching or spiritual companionship, some other collaboration or just to connect, shoot me an email, DM me on social media (those links are all at the bottom of the page) or use the scheduler below to set up a 15-minute chat on Zoom or phone. I’m looking forward to connecting.