Quiet Your Life

busyness → effectiveness
stress → serenity
overload → quiet

This world is noisy. We are bombarded — assaulted — by messaging from friends, jobs, content creators and advertisers. We face overloaded visual fields and background chatter. We operate in crisis mode and worry we’re forgetting things. This year we’ve become more aware of the value, the necessity, of true quiet. Because as any hermit can tell you, even when we’re alone, our brains never shut up.

With over three decades of meditation practice and spiritual seeking, and as long in publishing, I have tools to share in spiritual growth, mindfulness, business practice, recovery, writing and life. Some will become a part of your new quieter life.

Serenity makes life better — but we keep letting it slip away, and forgetting how to get it back. That’s why almost every spiritual tradition emphasizes it and offers tools to help. I will companion you and offer those nudges and reminders we all need to get back on the path. You might call what I offer mindfulness, spirituality, writing, business or life coaching. For me, it’s all mushed together — it’s doing life fully, vibrantly, clearly, and with a lot less struggle.

It’s flourishing.

Maybe you’re unsure how to tackle a big decision.

Maybe you feel stuck or overwhelmed in creative work.

Maybe you struggle getting the important things done in our attention economy.

You can live more serenely on this wonderful crazy noisy planet — fully in the world while maintaining inner calm and groundedness. With the clarity and presence you gain, you will be more productive and enjoy a more vibrant fulfilling life. Whether you have a challenge or decision to walk through or small life adjustments to explore, let’s Quiet Your Life together. Then you can pass it on. 

My standard Quiet Your Life coaching offering is for 12 sessions over 3-6 months, and includes a one-on-one session at least every other week and at most once each week depending on need. This is available for $2000 up front or without the discount if paid over three monthly payments.

My Break Through a Block package is a special offering for those dealing with a single big decision or creative block. It is for 1 month, and includes 4 weekly one-on-one sessions, plus 1 or 2 followup check-in sessions in the following month, as needed. This is available for $1000.

Use my scheduler below to set up a quick chat on Zoom so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other, and I can answer any questions.

I’m entering a moment of professional transition, but to what I don’t yet know. Phil is a thoughtful listener who has a comfortable presence, is easy to talk with, and asks good questions. One of his questions generated a bona fide “aha moment” when I saw the very center of the project that has most caught my heart. It is also the center of a vocation that I’ve long stepped away from. This took me by surprise, though it was the most obvious thing once I saw it. This single insight from working with Phil got me to begin envisioning how the threads of my various projects might come together. I’m already beginning to dream and plan with colleagues. — The Rev. Liz Edman
I came to Phil asking, Can I live with the consequences of writing a memoir? Is it worth the labor? Phil has an extraordinary calm about him, and a way of asking very gentle questions that open up possibilities for people they might not have considered. He broke me out of the rigid binary, “If I do this, then this must automatically follow.” After working with Phil, I am getting started creating a template for a memoir out of my already written work. Working with Phil is a very worthwhile investment to get clarity on what you’re unsure about, and to see possibilities you haven’t considered. — Hugo
I am wrestling with work/life balance and management skills. Working with Phil, I saw how the skills I need are learn-able, not a reflection of my personhood or character. Also, I am working towards ordination in the Presbyterian church (PCUSA) and planning on next steps. With Phil, I felt not only validation but affirmation of a calling to move forward. Phil is approachable and listens deeply. He has a deep and reverent spirit which is easy to connect with. — Suzanne Campise
I came to Phil feeling stuck with how to frame my thinking re: a writing project. Phil was supportive, wise, practical. He gave me encouragement and honesty and I’ve returned to simple, daily writing. — Mark Genszler

Phil is certified through JRNI, an International Coaching Federation-accredited school.

Image © 2012 Phil Fox Rose — Rock and Water, Onteora Lake, Kingston, NY
Image © 2008 Dustina Sherbine — Phil on the steps of Union Square, NY